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Our Story

Creativity and Design

Back in 2003, the design arm of our company was working for the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry on their Kids in Charge building, when the Museum asked if we would design and build all the exhibits as well for their fully immersive, hands-on, interactive experience for children.  The collaboration worked out so well, they later asked us to design and build a Disasterville series of interactive exhibits. 


During that time, we were also approached by a deep water marine salvage company to create a series of exhibits for them on their discovery and recovery of a cache of Civil War era artifacts, including millions of dollars of silver and gold coins, from a shipwreck off the coast of the Carolinas.  Because the ship was sunk in hurricane, we decided to create a hurricane simulator as one of the exhibits, so that guests could experience what a Category One hurricane felt like. 


This exhibit was so popular when the exhibit opened in New Orleans, that we decided to make and offer for sale the hurricane simulators to science museums around the world.  Several museums and technology centers purchased the simulators, before we came up with a better plan.  

Proven Success

The Age of Effortless Revenue

In 2007, the California Science Center hosted the ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers) conference in Los Angeles.  In order to showcase our hurricane simulator, we asked the Science Center if we could place a simulator there, at no charge to them.  The simulator would include a bill validator, and we and the Science Center would share whatever revenue the machine made.  It was a wildly successful experiment.  That was our first revenue share simulator placed, and we still have a simulator, now two, actually, in the California Science Center, which over the years have made approximately $684,000 in revenue shared with the Science Center since the machines' installations. 

The Best!

International & Domestic Credibility

o8o Leasing designed the original Hurricane Simulator in 2005, and has been providing museums, zoos, aquariums, family fun centers, and trampoline parks with constantly improved versions of those same hurricane simulators on a revenue share basis since that first revenue share machine in 2007, giving us over twelve years of experience in this field.  We now have over 1,200 simulators in operation around the world.  o8o Leasing has the experience, the track record, and the design background that no other company can provide.  

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